About the Project

Project Goals

The goal of this community-centered project is to develop and implement a generalizable and sustainable digital system to improve overdose reporting and data-driven prevention across Texas.

Why It’s Needed

  • Texas needs better data to improve access to substance use treatment, overdose prevention, and harm reduction services.
  • Texas lags behind other states in innovative reporting systems.
  • We’re unique! Texas is an incredibly diverse state, with vast rural and urban communities, an international border, and varying overdose reporting requirements across different communities and organizations.

Project CONNECT Timeline

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The goal of the TxCOPE platform is to provide a unified, simple system to gather accurate information and improve services and knowledge surrounding overdose and naloxone data in Texas.


Project CONNECT is led by Kasey Claborn, PhD, research scientist and licensed clinical psychologist. She is an assistant professor in the Steve Hicks School of Social Work and the Department of Psychiatry at Dell Medical School, and an adjunct assistant professor of medicine at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Learn more about Dr. Claborn and the rest of the team.